Hero Program About Us

Our mission is:
The Hero Program provides financial, educational, and emotional support to terminally ill children and their families. We don’t measure our work in terms of success, but in terms of significance. The difference is the emotional connection and the relationships we maintain with our Hero Families. These relationships allow us to get at the heart of our Heroes’ needs and to provide support for their every-day challenges.

Our vision is:
Provide innovative services that will bring a smile to the faces of each family we serve and offer much needed diversions from their physical suffering for a few seconds, minutes or possibly hours.

“Carrying the messages of real heroes,”
 Hero Program serves terminally ill children and their families. Through three different programs — My Hero, Heroes for Heroes, and The Hero Athletic Camps — we help these exemplars of courage to share their messages of hope and strength with each other and the community through writings, videos, and other avenues of communication. 

My Hero 
Our flagship fund-raising program is My Hero family sponsorship opportunity. My Hero supports a cutting edge interactive element where the community is given a chance to sponsor a Hero-based family while viewing the true impact of their donations. Donors will receive a set of limited run bands engraved with the number of their sponsored family. This number allows the Hero Band purchaser the opportunity to track the progress of their sponsored family through the Hero Program website. Each family will have a unique page which will be updated frequently to give the supporter an opportunity to follow the family and witness how their donation is making a real-time difference in that family's life. The funds raised through band sales provide our Hero families with financial support required due to the amount of expenses not covered under most insurance programs.

Some Examples of what the Hero Program has been able to provide for Hero Families:

  • Vehicle donations for multiple families
  • Furniture for both medical and normal uses. (i.e.: Hospital Bed, Kitchen Table, Custom Built Pantry)
  • Holiday Family Photos
  • Food
  • Gas Cards
  • Food Drives
  • Gift Certificates for holiday shopping and other occasions
  • Mortgage and rent payments
  • and much more.......

Contact us to find out more ways you can get involved in helping the families of terminally ill children in Beaver County and Erie, Pennsylvania.